Sunday, 9 May 2010

Wire Wool Fun

Ok so I did successfully scare the shit out of myself whilst trying this and I think I burnt some of my fringe off as well, but I'm not bothered the potential for some absolutely amazing photography with this is massive. The technique for this is simple enough you get some wire wool contained inside a chicken wire cage on the end of a damp piece of string and light the wire wool, you then franticly swing it around with your camera pointing at you on a slow shutter speed.

Both of these images were taken at night using my Nikon D60 at night with a 30 second shutter speed at f11. If you give this a go do take care as you will be amazed at how many sparks come flying off the wire wool! (I used a clump about the size of a tennis ball)

I found this on Flickr and quite a few people have done it before me, but haven't seen anything truly amazing, nor a brilliantly creative use of this so hopefully I will think of something good in the next week, any suggestions though please comment!

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  1. top image is super rad! would be cool in a diff environment, say storm drains at night etc, sparks lighting up the walls n all that