Monday, 24 May 2010

Its a Holga Summer

I've had a Holga 135BC for ages now but bought it in the winter and its just not a winter camera, but now in true English style its gone from being 8 degrees to 28 in the space of a day and bring on our 5 days of summer!

This is my Holga its the one that uses 35mm and has a special mask between the film and plastic lens to vignette the corners and give a lovely tunnelling effect thats what the BC stands for, Black corners. I love mine as its red and white and really stands out, I quite often get asked if it actually takes pictures. The camera itself is reasonably robust and is all plastic, with a 47mm lens at about f8 or f11 and I think the shutter is somewhere around 1/100

shot these on the nicest day we've had this year using some expired cheapo film, will be running a lot more rolls through my Holga this summer and I think with the shots I have seen so far it well and truly has earned its title of the "Poor mans L-CA" at only 25 pounds.

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