Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Dish Washer X-pro

Recently read a "Tipster" on Lomography.com about putting a role of slide film in the dishwasher before exposing it, The results looked pretty cool so gave it a go with a roll of expired boots own brand slide film and then shot it whilst in Amsterdam on my LC-A

I cross processed the film in C-41 at home which is pretty easy and affordable to do these days when boots is charging 7.99 for pro and prints.

Step 1 - get some slide film, put it in the dish washer in the cutlery holder thing. turn on the dishwarsher and let it run a full cycle

Step 2 - either leave the film to dry in a warm place for 2 weeks or so or in a "dark room" pull it out and dry it with a hair dryer 

Step 3 - Expose, slightly over expose as the mask is a bit swollen now I found 

Step 4 - Cross process 

Sunday, 13 March 2011