Monday, 31 January 2011

No longer in the dark ages, which is nice

This week I got the web server and domain for

Things are moving really quickly and its all getting stressful/exciting hopefully I will link this blog to the site in the coming months

Any products you want to see on the site let me know! ive got some great contacts and literally hundreds Holga, Lomo and all kinds wonderful cameras to chose from

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Living In The Dark Ages

I have moved house and don't have the internet or TV for some time, I have Dug out my N64 for some kind of entertainment SO probably wont be on here much for a bit there is a quality guide on how to process and scan film at home for beginners in the works though this includes stuff with exposed sprockets and cross processing slide film AND I think I can tell you how to do it for under £50 to get set up and then less then a pound for each roll to be processed after that Fantastic as Boots is now £7.99 a Roll.