Friday, 10 September 2010

Fuji FP-100C Negative Reclamation VS A negative found under my bed

Essentially this post is just to say about the cracking Fuji FP-100C Negative Reclamation process detailed on New55Project's Blog which I have been meaning to try for ages but don't have a scanner capable of scanning negatives so I knocked up this little contraption.

Yes it is a box with some spotlights and a bit of plastic over the top... but it did work!
I mounted my D60 on the tripod and took a picture of the negative from some Fuji Fp 100c reclaimed using the guide above, I tested the method on a quite old negative that I found under my bed coated in dust and a bit scratched up.

After cropping, inverting and colour balance on Photoshop this is what I was left with and do you know what I couldn't be happier I actually love this picture! it reminds me of some of the SX-70 modifications people used to do.

of course there are much easier ways of scanning all kinds of negatives onto your computer and there is a great guide on everything you need to know and how much its going to tear a hole in your pocket here 

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Oh and it has been quite some time hasn't it, but I am back if anyone missed me...

over this summer I have been here there and everywhere and this blog sadly fell to the side in my list of priority's but now as its getting a bit chilly again and people start to fall back onto the interweb I have come back to it with all kinds of bollocks to rant on about.

This week I have mostly been cross processing Agfa CT Precisa 100 which comes out with some quality colours, if not a little blue but I think that is just due to underexposing and leaving the film in a hot tent in Spain for a week.

As a technique cross processing does give you some lovely images but is incredibly unreliable as you are messing with slide film which is sensitive enough to star off with, got some cheap expired boots slide film which I believe is the Fuji emulsion so will xpro some of that and see if the results are very different from the Agfa.