Friday, 10 September 2010

Fuji FP-100C Negative Reclamation VS A negative found under my bed

Essentially this post is just to say about the cracking Fuji FP-100C Negative Reclamation process detailed on New55Project's Blog which I have been meaning to try for ages but don't have a scanner capable of scanning negatives so I knocked up this little contraption.

Yes it is a box with some spotlights and a bit of plastic over the top... but it did work!
I mounted my D60 on the tripod and took a picture of the negative from some Fuji Fp 100c reclaimed using the guide above, I tested the method on a quite old negative that I found under my bed coated in dust and a bit scratched up.

After cropping, inverting and colour balance on Photoshop this is what I was left with and do you know what I couldn't be happier I actually love this picture! it reminds me of some of the SX-70 modifications people used to do.

of course there are much easier ways of scanning all kinds of negatives onto your computer and there is a great guide on everything you need to know and how much its going to tear a hole in your pocket here 

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