Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Polaroid Comeback?

Hello! hope you had a lovely Christmas and what not! The picture above was released earlier this moth from Polaroid as a teaser to next weeks CES show. The Tag line says "Grey Revealed" and rumours are flying around that this is some kind of next generation instant camera, the big questions being if it is an instant camera what kind of film will it use? 

Polaroid stopped making their instant film some time ago and all though The impossible project has been a success and the most popular films are once again on the market I personally cant see the two coming together on a product this soon. So I'm thinking the film will involve the Zink technology used in Pogo printers maybe it will even have the 600 type film border? another likely idea is that the camera could use a re-brand of Fuji instant films like the Instax wide (Polaroid has already done this with its Polaroid 300 camera) But then again for all we know at the moment this could be a projector. 

Guess we will just have to wait and see.