Sunday, 2 May 2010

Oh hello There Instax Mini

Whilst Fujifilm have not really filled the void that Polaroid has left in the world of instant film, The Instax mini film does bring back some of the fun and charm that Polaroid type 500 and 600/1200/SX-70 type cameras gave to millions. The prints are smaller than Polaroids equivalent film (Type 500) but can still give you the excitement and that nostalgic "memory capture" feeling that instant film can produce.

The film itself produces very fun sharp-ish images with surprisingly vivid colours even when using the flash.

I picked up one of the older model cameras on eBay for about £14 and a pack of 20 films for £9.99, its already starting to make sense isn't it? for instant film that is quite cheap, so you can take the little thing around with you and snap away at your friends or favourite gnome without having to break the bank on a pack of TIP 20 pound for 8 shots silver tone film. Whilst TIP might be saying their PX-600 and PX-100 film is for artistic purposes the average person just wants to get some great memorys of them and there mates so maybe fuji mini can keep you happy until TIP produces a more user friendly and afordable film.

P.S. I still do think what TIP did in a year is incredible and the new interest they and other groups have created for instant film is priceless

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