Monday, 31 May 2010

"Polaroid", Who Are You Kidding?

The once great Polaroid has surprisingly gone and sold out again, if you go onto their website you will be greeted with a much more "hip" welcome page featuring shots from there various commercial out of production instant films and in the middle an announcement of the release of the new Polaroid 300, doesn't really take an idiot to realize that its just a re-brand of the Fuji mini 7s and the film is just a re-brand of the Fuji Instax mini film. Yet they have nearly doubled the price of the film and the price of the camera, so you have to wonder what they are trying to achieve here? as the new owners of Polaroid have received very little respect from instant film lovers. Why would we pay more to see the brand on a Fuji camera? 

It is however some what satisfying if not frustrating to see Polaroid getting back in to the instant market, with stories flying about of Polaroid making a new camera for The Impossible Projects films I'm excited to see what might be coming soon! hopefully not another Fuji clone. 

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