Thursday, 6 May 2010

Turns out airbrushing isn't even that hard

I've never bothered to airbrush in photo shop before as I figured it was something I would eventually need to go on a course for and learn. but as with most things to do with photography you can learn it with a bit of nouse and the internet.

 - All you do is copy your background layer to make a new layer and call it airbrush or something like that, on your new layer apply a surface blur filter enough to smooth the skin, use the amount of details in the eyes to know when to stop (when the eye starts to loose touch with reality you have gone too far). Then blend your airbrush layer with the original background layer using the blend slider bar to choose how strong you want it to show through, when you get an effect your happy with create a new layer above your airbrush layer called texture and just change its blending mode to hard light then merge the two new layers with your background. Job Done.

I got these quite nice results when doing some shots for a friends nail business, not to bad I thought

guide I used is here

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