Thursday, 22 April 2010

Polaroid Land 320

The Polaroid Land 320 was a basic range finder model in the 300 series and is a great place to start using type 100 film as it is one of the only Polaroid Compatible films still in production by Fujifilm and called Fuji FP-100c, FP-100b or FP-3000b. I bought the camera on eBay for 18 pounds and the film cost me 9 so I was good to go when it all arrived! apart from the fact these cameras use an old type of battery that is very hard to come by. A lot of internet guides tell you to go to Maplins and buy a cheap battery holder for two AAA battery's or as I discovered, a much quicker and cheaper option is to simply sellotape a CR2 battery (of which any photographer will have at least one kicking about) to the battery terminals. Job done.

As I was quite excited to have an instant camera again after I had run out of type 600 and type 80 film a few months back I decided it was awkward family photo time and took some shots of my parents.

Mother Grew

Father Grew

I was massively impressed by the sharpness and warm colours the fujifilm FP-100c produced with the camera, I even managed to get a nice blur on the background with an f8.8 lens!

This is a great fun camera and I think I might do some nice B&W portraits soon enough

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