Sunday, 18 April 2010

Fixing Aperture Blades On An Olympus Trip 35

I bought an Olympus Trip 35 from Denham car boot today for £1, They have become an absolute cult camera and were in production for over 20 years with 10 million being sold but sadly by 2010 a lot of them like mine require a service. On my Trip the aperture blades were stuck shut and required cleaning and re-lubricating I used this amazing guide that I found here.

The camera itself is quite easy to take apart and clean the view finder as the top of it is simply a bit of electrical tape that you can lift up and stick in a cotton ear swab to get rid of any dust.

The aperture blades are over the last element of the lens and it took me quite some time to unscrew the various focusing and exposure/aperture setting rings and other lens elements to get down to them. in the guide it states to use lighter fluid to clean the blades and graphite to lubricate them, I used acetone household solvent and to make the graphite lubricant I scraped a Stanley knife across a 3B pencil to get a fine powder which works perfectly. annoyingly I rounded the head of one of the tiny screws without realising and had to carefully drill it out but by doing this I slightly warped the thread of the focusing lens element so have had to purchase a new one for a fiver.

hope to get some results from this lovely camera up soon!

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  1. Many thanks for the link to the Olympus Trip 35 aperture blade service guide. I have just successfully repaired the camera I just purchased from ebay. It was much more tricky than I imagined and now possess a great insight into why repairing old cameras is so expensive. Thanks again.