Sunday, 11 April 2010

Large Format camera + Cheap scanner

(After a bit of a break I'm back to the blog, and will be getting on to doing the TTV guide very soon.)
This isn't one of the newest things to hit photography, but is still incredibly interesting and innovative. The Scanner Photography project is a photography process using a flat bed scanner instead of a digital image sensor or film, the scanner is strapped onto a large format camera body to create a contraption capable of taking over 150 mega pixel images depending on the maximum resolution of the scanner used,even cheap scanners can scan up to 2400dpi which creates a huge image

because of the way scanners work, there is no discrete exposure time. The sensor move across gathering light instead of exposing the whole image sensor at once, this adds a completely new element to picture taking that is individual to this type of camera.

Mike Golembewski is a leader in this type of photography and has a very interesting website which sadly it would appear has not been updated in quite some time, but if you look on flickr there is quite a lot of experimentation still going on with this.


  1. When you are using wide format camera it is necessary that you use a wide format scanner also if you want the resolution of the picture to remain as it is. You have to choose wisely when you are buying a wide format scanner or printer as the prices start from 600$ for a basic one to 12000$ for a comparatively good one.

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