Sunday, 21 March 2010

Whats Through The Viewfinder?

Through The Viewfinder is a photography movement that has been rapidly growing for some time, the idea behind it is to construct a device that allows you to take pictures using your DSLR + Macro lens through the viewfinder of an old TLR camera, most popular being the Kodak Duaflex to give amazing vintage looking results. most "devices" consist of some packing tube taped to the top of the TLR and on the other end of the tube a lens cap is taped so the DSLR can be easily attached. The distance between the top viewfinder of the TLR camera and the macro lens of the DSLR matches the minimum focus distance of the macro lens allowing the shot to be in focus. I really want to try this out so have bought a Kodak Duaflex on ebay for a fiver and will post a guide to how I build the thing shortly after it arrives.

There are lots of flickr groups devoted to this type of photography one of which includes blank templates of views through the viewfinder on various cameras so you can do faux through the viewfinder pictures on Photoshop

My Sister TTV

London think i took this in 2008

I made these two pictures using some textures from the group above and Photoshop by creating a vignette, using layer curves (S-shape) and adjusting the colour and sharpness to create an old school-ish look overall i actually really like this effect there is loads of really impressive stuff on Flickr if you have a little dig, well worth a look I would say!  

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