Monday, 8 March 2010

Hello Half Frame

Just picked up my first roll from the replacement Diana mini after my first one died on me, I had used the half frame function around London this time which completely confused the poor lad at boots " I am sorry sir it appears your camera is broken" despite his opinion I thought I got some lovely snaps

Trafalgar Square (don't really know what happened here, its kind of half frame)

This lovely girl I know and an installation in the Sattchi Gallery

I'm defiantly going to get some more half frame cameras, hopefully one will turn up at a car boot soon! I would love an Olympus Pen-ee3 look how pretty it is

You can really get some amazing results 


  1. I saw an ad once for the Pen F that claimed the resulting shape was a closer fit to 8X10, therefore not really "half" at all because no cropping was needed!

    Lovely craggy trees, but what is that crimson thing?

  2. id love to get my hands on one of the ee series pens but they seem to be getting closer and closer to 50 pounds on ebay!

    and thats what they keep life rings in for saving drowning people you find them next to rivers and lakes in england