Monday, 22 February 2010

Diana Mini Mare

That's right I've jumped on the PR band wagon that is Lomography and got myself a Diana Mini with The Diana Flash. Its a lovely charismatic camera with a square frame and half frame option, but I just cant get over the price of around 45 pounds for what is essentially a bit of plastic

DSC_0256 m
Cute little thing aint it

annoyingly mine was broken and the film advance just quite clearly didn't work then some bits fell off like the shutter release but I still managed to get a roll of film through it before the whole thing eroded away and I got some amazing results with multiple exposures on the same frame and and exposures overlapping all by accident. A lovely bloke at Lomo did help me to get a replacement one though, which was nice.

New Years
about 4 exposures stretched over a frame and a half

few more exposures stretched inbetween 2 frames

I love what Lomo are doing but still cant justify the price of any of there cameras in my head!

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