Monday, 1 November 2010

This looks flipping quality

The sprocket rocket is the latest camera from Lomography, It does what seems to be the big thing lately in the ever evolving world of toy cameras. The camera exposes the entire height of the 35mm film sprockets n'all (hence the name) it also features a backwards winder which is a very nice touch making panoramic multiple exposures possible

other cameras that you can use to get this effect are the

black bird fly from SuperHEADZ

This is a beautiful camera that can take normal square and sprocket pictures all on 35mm it is also a TLR which is nice

Any HOLGA 120 with a 35mm back will also expose the sprockets.

obviously you don't order prints from any of the film you expose the sprockets on but rather have to scan your negatives onto the computer if you just have a normal scanner lomo sell an over priced holder that will allow you to scan them onto your computer which seems to work nicely


  1. Ooooh, I'm SO intrigued by Sprocket!

    I have to say though, my Lomo experience has not been the best. I have a Mini Diana -- the first one I received was defective. I think the back didn't fit on all the way or something, so about 90% of my photos didn't turn out. They were nice enough to exchange it for me... BUT, this new camera didn't come with a lens cap AND the focus adjuster doesn't slide all the way to the left, which means I can't set it all the way to the less-than-a-meter setting.

    -sigh- I love my Lomo, but... It's kind of discouraging. So many people I know have had great success with their Lomos though. No one else has a Mini-Diana, so maybe it's just the model...

  2. I have a diana mini, and had the same problem as you did with your first one so had to send it back, and I wouldn't worry about the focus ring as the focus on the diana mini doesn't seem to make much difference where its set I pretty much leave mine on the middle setting all the time.

    why don't you try a HOLGA 135BC? built reasonably well and take lovely pictures!